Christine, the strawberry girl (thirtiesgirl) wrote in thebooklovers,
Christine, the strawberry girl

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newbie love

I love Broadcast because their music always takes me to a different place: the '60s, the '80s, the green sands of a Venusian beach, and some kind of early '60s representation of what 'the future' would sound like. Not exactly space age bachelor pad music, but close. Not to mention, I love Trish's hair. With those side-parted bangs and a long trenchcoat, she's the epitome of cool in my book. I've seen them live once, years ago as the opening band for someone else... I can't remember who. The seed was planted then. I wish they'd come back to my city and play again. Until then, I'll continue to listen to their music in my little Honda as I drive up the Southern California coast, pretending I'm driving my Italian roadster on the French Riviera with a chiffon scarf in my hair. Ahhh....
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